A hero in every bean
About us

Who are we?

Heroica is an amazing new Arabica Coffee Plantation project, set within the beautiful Philippine highland regions and indigenous communities. Heroica is a company established to complement House of the Heroes (HOTH), a not-for-profit NGO that is a home for abandoned children that has been registered and operational in the Philippines since 2008. To achieve our full mission and ambition, HOTH has created this economic business enterprise dedicated to the production of Arabica coffee. The profits generated by the coffee sales will be used to support children at risk in the Philippines.




Our Goals, Values and Ambitions

Heroica Coffee Plantations; giving rewards and benefits at every level

From a community perspective

Heroica creates much needed jobs, vital income, food security, child/family welfare and highly valued new skills.

From an environmental perspective

Heroica is an organic and totally sustainable use of land that it is at best neglected, at worst seriously mis-used.

From a business perspective

the Heroica business model is robust, tested (within Philippines since 2006), hugely successful and widely respected by Governments and the International Coffee industry- and it delivers amazing RoI and profits for all involved.

From a social perspective

Heroica is a Social Enterprise and the operational profits/surplus will be used to extend our existing orphanage (http://houseoftheheroes.org/)

From a sales and marketing perspective

Heroica already has a 10 year supply/marketing agreement already signed and in place with RMACC – the number one coffee supplier in the Philippines.

From a farming/agricultural perspective

Heroica has positioned Industry, National, Government Experts as Partners/Board Members supporting an impressive Management Team.

Meet the Kalinga Tribe

Our market

The market opportunity is huge and increasing; the local response (out-with our partner Rocky Mountain) is small and almost insignificant. Heroica can, and will, deliver amazing results/returns on investment!

Consumption in the Philippnes

With a population of 100 million, the Philippines consume some 138,000,000 kg of coffee every year; this demand is expected to double to 276,000,000 kg within the next 5 years.

Existing production in the Philippines

Currently the Philippines is only producing 20,000,000 kg of coffee nationwide, mostly in Mindanao; this meets only 14.49% of the national demand for coffee with the remaining 85% plus imported from neighbouring South East Asian countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia.

Development needed

Just to compensate the current quantity of imported coffee, the Philippines needs to develop at least 30,000Ha of land into coffee production, requiring 45million coffee trees
produced/planted nationwide at 15,000 Ha/year over next 10 years.












Heroica is a fully integrated coffee company. Our nursery in Pasil, Kalinga has a capacity of 100,000 seedlings and is currently home to our 3 types of Arabica coffee trees which will be ready for planting soon.

Pasil Nursery and Team_WEB-2797


Investor/Partner Opportunity

Heroica is currently looking for key selected investors and partners. These partners will participate in our enterprise of establishing large scale, natural coffee production within a region where coffee is still typically grown in a back yard, small and inefficient set ups. The rewards are clearly evident for all – from the indigenous families and farmers; to the producers like Heroica; to commercial investors and collaborators. For more information, or to be sent an investor package, please use the contact form below. For more information or to be sent an investor pack please use the contact form below.